"Lord, we don't have much time!"
"Yeah, but what you do for me during that time I will count for all eternity."

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home Bound

I move to Arkansas tomorrow and I can't wait to see my hubby!!  My sister came over tonight and her, my mom, and me spent some time together just having fun.  It was a blast!!  But when it was time for her to drive home and take her puppy with her, she started to cry and told me I couldn't leave.  :(  It broke my heart.  We're 4 years apart, I'm her little sister, and finally to the point where we get along and I'm moving 6 hours away.  I know it's not really that far, but I also know that she feels like it's forever away and that she'll never see me again.  Little does she know, I'm already planning my next visit back here to Kansas.  ;)

I called Clint and we had a funny conversation around 7:30 tonight.  It went something like this (he's in blue, I'm in purple):
So when are you going to start packing?  8?  9?
Excuse you, what makes you think I haven't started packing already?!
..................Seriously what time?
Hey!!  I might have started packing!!
That's a pretty big "might".  :P

He knows me too well - I should start packing...  :)

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