"Lord, we don't have much time!"
"Yeah, but what you do for me during that time I will count for all eternity."

Flooring & Paint

Papa, dad (Rick) and Clint have worked extremely hard building our house, and Clint just recently started working on the flooring by himself.  I finished up all the painting about 3 weeks ago (which took two weeks) and it's already really starting to come together!!  Disregard how dirty the flooring is - it hasn't been cleaned yet!!
Master Bedroom
West Spare
East Spare
Living Room
 Laundry Room
Master Bathroom
Master Closet
Spare Bathroom
Paint Colors -
Dark Blue : Master Bath and Master Closet
Medium Blue : Master Bedroom
Dark Green : West Spare and adjoining closet
Yellow : Spare Bathroom
Salamandor Green : East Spare and adjoining closet
Turquoise Blue : Laundry Room
Tan : Hallway
Mossy Green? : Living Room
Red : Kitchen and Pantry